The powerful pop-folk of Barns Courtney shakes up a regular Wednesday at Night and Day Cafè.

If you go to a lot of gigs, you are probably used to some sort of show. The lead will do some stage-diving, jump around a bit and you’ll feel like whatever’s going on onstage is out of your league.

Barns Courtney feels like this, but also completely different.

Take one of your best friends, the talented one who everybody knows is gonna go somewhere, then take a drummer, a guitarist and a bassist whose music and vocals can follow the sequence of notes impeccably during the whole night and there you have it.

Last Wednesday night, a full Night & Day Cafè saw a perfectly executed set of known hits like Glitters and Gold and new releases like “99″. Not singing was impossible, the mix of folk and pop was too catchy and even if you didn’t know the words you could count on the people around to teach you every single letter.

The power was palpable, the energy of Barns was impossible to resist to and the best arrived during Kicks, when he didn’t throw himself at the public like everybody else but came down and started to jump with the crowd. That’s why it was different, it wasn’t just the usual god of rock blessing us with his presence but a mate who loves to joke and dance and sings with you in a party that you wish will never end.

by Maurina Angioni

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