Young Monarch have been very busy over the past few months, spending time creating an upcoming EP, titled Is This What Freedom Feels Like?, the band have recently released the first single from the EP, Strangers. I asked the band about what they’ve been working on and all the exciting things we can expect to see coming up- including an exciting gig they will be headlining at Night and Day Café on December 1!

Introduce yourselves…

Hello! We are Chris Rabbitts on Bass, Hannah Rose on Keys, Rhys Jiang on Guitar and myself Rebecca Lewis on Lead vocals.

How did you meet and come to form a band?

All 4 of us met in our first year studying at the RNCM in Manchester. I’d always written music and really wanted to pursue that in some way or another, so I think after a few beers at a Bill Lawrence concert, I looked over at my friends and suggested that we all form a band! We jammed a few songs out in a rehearsal and have been doing it ever since!

Describe your sound in as few words possible.

Emotional, powerful, sing-along pop-rock!

What have you been up to over the past few months?

So we’ve been mostly in the studio recently, writing and recording new material. We’ve just released the first single ‘Strangers’ of our ‘Is This What Freedom Feels Like?’ EP, so the summer mainly consisted of prep for that. We got asked to play the main stage at Weekender Festival back in Jersey alongside acts like Sigrid, Rita Ora and Sister Sledge which I think has definitely been one of the highlights of the past few months. We also got the chance to film the music video for ‘Strangers’ whilst we were there, which was an amazing experience.

What  do you consider to be your greatest achievement so far?

Overall I’d say probably playing the Royal Albert Hall, or supporting Tokio Myers at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall. Those are 2 of the biggest crowds we have ever performed to and are both hugely prestigious venues. To be given the opportunity to play there was incredible and we had an overwhelming response at both performances which blew us away! I think we’ll really remember pivotal moments like that on our journey as they have been experiences that have driven us to push further forward!

What do you have planned for the near future?

We have a tour starting in a few weeks where we’ll be headlining in some new cities, which we’re super excited about. Then we will be pressing on with the next three releases of our EP which we’re also super excited about!! I think the songs which are out next are some of the best work we’ve produced and we can’t wait for everyone to hear!!

Is there anywhere you look for inspiration?

I think coming from as a nurturing and musical enriching environment as the RNCM, we’ve always found a huge amount of inspiration from our peers; what they’re listening to, what they’re jaming and the music they’re making. So many of our friends are incredibly talented musicians, so we’re kind of spoilt for inspiration. Also living in Manchester definitely helps as it’s such an amazing city with an incredible atmosphere and superb music scene. I’ve personally felt the most inspired after seeing some of my favourite artists perform in Manchester.  

What’s your anthem track?

We all listen to quite a broad range of music, which is why I think we sound the way we do, but I think we all have a common and shared appreciation and love for Coldpay and Sigur Ros, both of which have an extensive catalogue of anthems! We did however get the chance to see Sigur Ros play at Manchester Apollo last year together as a band, which was a breathtaking experience (made slightly more surreal by Johnny Marr coming and sitting down right next to me!) so our anthem track would probably be Glosoli.

Who are the top 3 local artists you’d recommend?

That is a very tricky one as I think we’d all want to name about 10! But probably Diving Station– think Harp driven Alt-Rock. Their arrangements are so interesting and all 4 of them are unreal musicians which creates an amazing bed for Anna’s beautiful folk vocals!

Dave C.Rupert is one of my favourite musicians and happens to be a friend, so I tend to fan girl and know all the words to his songs at most gigs! His voice is mesmerizing and his song lyrics are so captivating. An incredible live performer and truly talented songwriter!

Cosmo Calling are another super cool manchester band. Harry and Phoebe have an electric onstage presence and write modern angsty indie-rock that makes you want to dance! We’ve had the pleasure of knowing them since they first started and are buzzed every time they play.

Don’t forget you can find Young Monarch at Night and Day Café on December 1 to see them perform.

Liv X


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