MINT | JIMMY’S | 20/10/2018

  Mint came to Manchester on Saturday and played sold out set in the Northern Quarter hotspot, Jimmy’s. 

  The four-piece band have a dynamic, rock infused sound, a somewhat in-between what I’d think of as indie rock and something I would consider a heavier rock, with their songs moving about, between the genres. 

  Their opening track, Nothing Seems to Get me High, was the perfect balance of these genres. Featuring Electrifying vocals and fierce riffs, the song began the powerful set with a roaring reception from the crowd, while sparks of energy from the band spread around the room. The new single has also recent been played on BBC Radio One, featured as one of theshows New Wave track’s.

  The band delivered a very engaging and vivid performance, beginning with newer songs that have a more high-powered and heavier sound, completely immersing the dancing room in the music.

  The set went on to feature currently unreleased song, Radiator, which we can expect to be launched as a single in the new year. This was followed by Spotify favourites Elise, which showed the groups indie-inspiration come forward for the last part of the performance. Ending with the high-octane tune St Oxford, Mintbrought the show to close with an undeniable energy.

Find the band on Facebook or listen to them here. I’m sure we can expect to hear more from them soon.

Liv X

Photo by Olivia Kenny

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