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  This past year has been pretty crazy for the Doncaster trio, The Blinders and has seen them sign to a label before releasing their debut album, Columbia, last month, then embarking on their biggest UK tour yet.

  The band kicked off their tour with a sold out date at Manchester’s Academy 2, an impressive achievement for any artist. The show saw support from Calva Louise and White Room.

  The Blinders performance started before they walked on stage with the song Pure Imagination, by Gene Wilder (from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory), then breaking into what sounds like an emergency broadcast, a poem, being projected around the room, welcoming the audience to Columbia.

 The opening track then began ringing around the room, the pounding drum beat and harsh guitar riffs began, the audience exploded with energy as the band led into their in-your-face set. The intense atmosphere lasted for the entire gig and bounced around the room as everyone immersed themselves fully in the music.

  The band played songs from their new album: Gotta Get Through, Hate Song, Brave New World, with old favourites also in the mix. Ramona Flowers and Swine were met with enthusiastic cheers. The audience undoubtedly loved the performance from the band and the room didn’t stop moving for the whole night, the in-your-face performance taking over.

  Closing with Brutus, the room was singing back the lyrics of the song, as though they were ingrained in their brains, the fierce close to the set was unforgettable.

  The Blinders are still on tour and you can watch them around the UK in the coming months, find out more about the band here.

Liv X

Photo by Malcolm Burke Photography

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