Always giving a profoundly intense performance, Strange Bones brought their fierce set to a sold out show at The Deaf Institute, closing their biggest tour yet.

  On the night The Deaf Institute was ram packed, full of music lovers who were there to witness and get involved with a band known for their chaotic performance.

  Strange Bones opened with Vicious, a song which, despite being unreleased, began the set with intensity and instantly created energy between the group and audience, which remained even past the end of the gig. The group has a powerful sound; fusing punk, rock, and electronic snippets, to bring together their music and effectively take over any room. The fans of the band were equally enthusiastic and always involved with the set, especially with frontman, Bobby, frequently launching himself off the stage. 

  Carrying on with Snakepit, a song which uses air raid sirens to open, bringing an almost eerie atmosphere into the room. Bobby wore a gas-mask for part of the performance, adding more to the slightly dark mood. The track saw the whole room bounce and move, the floor feeling as though it would give-way as everyone fully immersed themselves into the gig.

  The band played their latest single, Here Come the Wolves, released a week before the gig. The song uses the groups best known punk sounds but adding a more electronic layer to the music making it stand out as something new. The audience loved the new track, most of them singing every word back to the band.

  Through the set electronic sounds were played, helping the transition between tracks and keeping the energy flowing. Featuring some older songs, S.O.I.A, as well as newer ones like Blind Faith No Future, Strange Bones then closed with God Save the Teen.  During the final song the entire room let everything go, powering on with energy and enthusiasm. Bobby, the lead singer, took the opportunity to climb onto the venues low balcony and jump into the crowd, an unforgettable end to the gig.

  Strange Bones are a memorable band to watch and if you go to a live show you won’t be able to forget it. 

Liv X

Photo by Olivia Kenny

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