The Bright Black bring something unique to Manchester’s growing music scene. Using a fusion of funk, soul and much-loved indie sounds, the band draw a wide audience of music lovers from all over Manchester.  Towards the end of their debut UK headline tour, they brought their energetic set back home to Night People.

From the moment I walked into the venue, an enthusiastic buzz was present in the room. Beginning with support from LIVVO and Ragged Tiger, a perfect opening for the lively night and building on the exciting mood.

The Bright Black opened with the powerful song Colourful, starting off with a memorable chant, catching the attention of the room and drawing everyone in. The rippling bassline encouraged the audience to dance along with the music. I couldn’t help but notice the room singing along to The Bright Black’s catchy lyrics, although this song is yet to be released, the band’s loyal fanbase are guaranteed to sing along to every track at every gig, bringing an extra level of energy to the audience.

The group also performed fan favourite Skin on Skin, a track perfectly displaying the soulful vocal of frontman Travis, while the entire band immersed themselves in the music and danced to the rhythms, bouncing energy around the room. The song featured a short sample of RESPECT, made famous by Aretha Franklin, which I either haven’t noticed before or is a new addition to the performance. Following from this, they performed their 2018 single Midnight. Continuing the dynamic set with a relatively new and unreleased song, before bouncing back into their dance-infused performance with their most recent release, Two Two One.  Using the entire stage during their performance, the group dance around to the beats and have a great time, an infectious feeling that gets spread around the room.

The band ended the set with possibly the most catchy song I’ve ever listened to, Super Duper. Following this. the crowd chanted for more, which was met by the band performing one final track- which I suspect was a strategic plan for an encore. The group closed the night with Strike A Pose. Another captivating song, the band encouraged the audience to dance along and got the whole room to crouch down and “do it how the saying goes, strike a pose”.

You can find the group on spotify and keep up to date with them on facebook.

Liv X

Photo by Olivia Kenny

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