La Mode are currently storming Manchester’s music scene, marking their territory with powerful music influenced by some of the most iconic rock artists.

  Fronted by Millie Sproston, La Mode bring a blend of psychedelic tones and fuzzing riffs to create a sound which wouldn’t have felt out of place amidst early 1970’s rock and roll treasures. The band have experimented with sounds and created unique and diverse music, taking inspiration from Led Zeppelin and Janis Joplin, through to The White Stripes and more modern rock. The eclectic mixture is explosive and dynamic, topped off by an impressive female vocal, making the band stand out as a force to be reckoned with.

  I saw the band perform at The Castle Hotel last weekend and was blown away by their electrifying set, showcasing some of their up-and-coming releases and their intense live presence, the whole audience became involved and invested in the performance.

  La Mode will soon be appearing at Jimmy’s on 27th October, where they will be supporting Gardenback and Hey Bulldog. The band hope to play around the UK in the coming year, we are also hoping to see some new music from them soon as they are currently in the process of recording- and we are very excited to hear it!

Liv X

Photo by Dawncast

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