Dermot Kennedy | The Albert Hall | 11/05/19


It can be difficult to find a music venue quite like Manchester’s Albert Hall, it is an old church with high ceilings, ornate windows and intricate decoration which just makes it feel special. It’s even more difficult to find an artist who compliments the beautiful room, but Saturday’s headliner, Dermot Kennedy, perfectly suited the venue and effortlessly took over with his captivating voice



Two years ago, I first saw The Blinders play a tiny venue in Bolton, there was 20, maybe 30 people there, the atmosphere was intense, and the performance was in-your-face and unforgettable. I would have never imagined a band like this on a big stage, surely the energy wouldn’t work, how can you create the fierce intimacy between hundreds, possibly thousands of people? But, this weekend, they pulled it off with their biggest headline to date at The Ritz in Manchester, where the energy was even more concentrated in the prodigious room than it was when I first saw them at my little local venue.



  Dot to Dot is a metropolitan festival, taking place in Manchester, Bristol and Nottingham over the last May bank holiday weekend. For me, Dot to Dot always feels like the start of summer, it’s always one of the first UK festivals, the sun is always shining (at least when I have been) and I spend the day wandering around Manchester and watching my favourite bands



The past few years has seen a natural growth punk music, politically fuelled bands are beginning to dominate the new music scene, The Blinders refresh the genre with their own hard-hitting energy and psychedelic spin. Consisting of vocalist and guitarist Thomas Haywood, bassist Charlie McGough and drummer Matthew Neale, the trio are soon to begin their biggest tour yet, reaching all four corners of the UK